Douglas DC-3 Reproduction kits – Full Kit


1/14 scale Douglas DC-3

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It is here ! The iconic Douglas DC-3 1/14th scale full kit. The DC-3 is a twin engine militry/cavilian plane. The real DC-3 has 29 meter wingspan has a range of 2400 km , weighs in just over 7.5 ton and took to the sky in december 1935. more than 13000 DC-3,s were made both civil and military. it became the most successful airliner in formative years of air transportation. many are still flying. This reproduction DC-3 kit is a great addition to add to your fleet or to introduce you to flying a twin engine aircraft. this is a full kit and comes with all balsa and ply and laser cut parts you need to compleat the kit along with plastics/ manual and a full set of scale plans. to compleat the kit you will need retracts and wheels / 2 x engins / servos / hardware / fuel tanks and fuel lines / radio gear and covering. specs: 4-8 chanel radio / 6-9 servos (2 micro) wing span: 82.5 inch / wing area: 750 sq inch / weight: 8-10 lb (3.6-4.6 kg) wing loading: 24.6-30.7 oz/sq ft / fuse length: 55.5 inchs / engine required: 2 x two stroke .25-.40 cu in (4.0-6.5cc) 4-stroke .40-.52 cu in (6.5-8.5cc).


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