About Planes Revived

Planes Revived are a modern RC kit specialist that reproduces some of the best and most iconic kits that have sadly faded out of the hobby and are no longer available. Our mission is to reintroduce these kits along with a selection of standard and upgraded replacement parts and accessories that can be found all in one place. All of our kits are cut using laser cutting technology to give absolute precision kits. We also vacuum form all of our own canopies and plastics and supply upgraded fiberglass and 3D printed parts and accessories for that ultimate build and to keep your plane looking and functioning like the day you made it! 

We also provide wing kits and fuselage kits, both short or full kit replacements, should you unfortunately damage your pride and joy. We even make conversion kits if you fancy  changing your canopy style from a bubble canopy to a razorback or vice versa. We hope you enjoy looking around our website and please contact us at [email protected] should you have any questions or need information.

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